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If you like reading books, keeping track of what you've read can be a challenge. With BookBucket you easily organize your books and discover new ones. Using the barcode scanner you can quickly find information of a physical copy, for instance when you are at your local book store or library. It also has some social features built in, such as sharing books or lists of books through any social media app you want.

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Discover Carthemis, the map and app that helps improving your understanding of the Dutch law. Carthemis has been created by and for legists of the future. The first map of Carthmis measures one square meter and shows the relationship between 2000 concepts from the Dutch law. Using the app you can discover content 'behind' the map, including detailed descriptions and references to laws and books.

Carthemis screenshot of the map Carthemis screenshot of the content Carthemis screenshot of search Carthemis screenshot of the layers
Carthemis screenshots

Carthemis is available on the Web and as an app.

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Passless is a simple, secure, and anonymous solution to help you remember all your important passwords. Instead of writing your passwords on a post-it note and sticking it to your monitor, Passless helps you create strong and unique passwords for every site and makes them available on all of your devices. It does this without storing your personal information, making it an inherently secure solution.

Passless was developed on behalf of Control, ICT & Operations BV.

Passless screenshot Passless screenshot
Passless screenshots

Passless is available for Windows and as a mobile app.

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Children that have dyslexia may struggle with reading and writing. Among many methods to help them improve their skills, LeerLogisch is one small piece of the puzzle. In the LeerLogisch app, a pedagogue can put together homework assignments that a child can practice at home. The application consists of several small apps that challenge children in certain ways, such as reading and writing words, increasing reading speed and improving their spelling.

LeerLogisch has been developed on behalf of 'de Poort' BV.

LeerLogisch screenshot LeerLogisch screenshot LeerLogisch screenshot LeerLogisch screenshot
LeerLogisch screenshots

LeerLogisch is currently only available to employees and clients of 'de Poort'.

Nightlight for VS Code

Nightlight is an extension for VS Code, a currently popular editor used by developers. The extension makes VS Code automatically switch between a light and dark theme based on the time of day. When it's getting dark, you might want to protect your eyes and switch automatically to a darker theme. Yet, when the sun comes up, a lighter theme is more easy on the eyes. Nightlight automatically switches when the sun rises or sets.

Download Nightlight from the Visual Studio Marketplace
The source is available on GitHub

Jeunesse Inbox

Jeunesse is an application developed for people working in the youth services. It facilitates companies and institutions to in the administration of their work. Jeunesse Inbox is shipped as part of the suite and handles the exchange of messages between health institutions and municipalities by connecting through the Vecozo Web Services.

More information about Jeunesse